Research & Innovation Day 2017

On the on 23 – 24 November the BASMATI project took part in the Research & Innovation Day 2017. The conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul was organized by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea. It aimed at creating awareness for the running and coming funded activities in the EU-Korea Research Cooperation. BASMATI is one three projects that are currently funded. All three deal with the core technological developments boosting the digitization worldwide:

The Internet of Things

The project Wise IoT deals with the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT fundamentally changes the way, people perceive and interact with their environment. Sensors and embedded systems detect, analyse and provide information of many kind to ease our way of using things and infrastructures. But currently the IoT world consists of many islands – each using own standards and applications. Wise IoT aims at a world-wide interoperable IoT ecosystem.  The vision: Wherever people are and whatever application they use – they shall be able to use and interact with local IoT system. One example is the Olympic Winter Games in Korea when visitors from all over the world come to one place bringing their smartphones and their local applications.

The Next Generation Mobile Network

While more and more data products are provided the demand for high bandwidth mobile communication is on the rise. Especially large events like the Olympic Games in Korea create a challenge to the mobile infrastructure. In such scenarios the demand which by far surpasses the capacity of the current standards. An answer to this issue is given by the next mobile communication standard 5G. It provides higher data rates, less latency and supports more local nodes at a time and place. The 5G champion project aims to facilitate the standardization and performance of the new emerging 5G standard.

The next stage of Cloud Computing

More complex services require more computational and storage resources in the backend. In such scenarios a backend needs to quickly adjust to local peaks. Moreover, it needs to consider also cost effectiveness and regulatory and contractual provisions. Especially critical and personal data require high data security levels that are not guaranteed in any computing environment. The BASMATI technology therefore introduces the next stage of cloud computing. BASMATI thereby follows the idea of a federated cloud environment in which storage and computation is moved between different but connected cloud environments and edge devices – also considering non-functional requirements from regulation and contractual terms.

The Research & Innovation Day 2017 brought us many insights into the development of our partner projects as well as valuable information about coming research opportunities in the cooperation between Europe and South Korea. One central outcome was that IoT and cloud computing in the next phase will be merged in one joint project. From our perspective that’s extremely meaningful considering those topics are tightly connected.


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