Project Presentations

This page lists a set of Powerpoint presentations that describe the project. Their aim is to collectively provide readers with both general and specialized viewpoints on the projects and its main components, its overall goals as well as the scientific achievements, and its actual impact. Such presentations have been derived from the ones presented at the last review meeting of the project, which has been held on October 2018 in Seoul.

General Overview

This presentation is aimed at providing a general description of the BASMATI project

Scientific and Technical Achievements

In this presentation are reported the main scientifical and technical achievements obtained by the BASMATI consortium during the project.

Integrated Platform

BASMATI project released as main outcome an integrated enabling platform providing its users with all the project features. The following presentation provide a conceptual description of such platform and the modules composing it.

Use cases

BASMATI project outcomes has been validated using three project usecases: Mobile Virtual Desktop, Large Events and TripBuilder.


BASMATI impacted positively on the research and industrial community. In this presentation is described the impact of the project, from several perspectives, ranging from the technological advacement brought by BASMATI, to the sustainability plans for the future.