Objective I: Mobile cloud services enablement and portability to exploit brokerage and offloading to cloud federations and / or other devices (i.e. device-to-device) based on application typology.

Objective II: Situational knowledge acquisition and mobility patterns understanding providing the ground for real-time adaptations of federation and brokerage decisions.

Objective III: Development, deployment and configuration of abstracted and integrated federated cloud environments based on multi-objective optimized federation logic.

Objective IV: Dynamic brokerage for placement and offloading through runtime adaptable deployment patterns of the brokerage platform.

Objective V: Ultra-scalable hybrid infrastructure management for mobile heterogeneous resources and cloud federations.

Objective VI: Multi-provider and multi-tenancy functional and non-functional guarantees for mobile cloud services.

Objective VII: Effectiveness of BASMATI outcomes validated and communicated through three real-world scenarios from different application domains.

Objective VIII: Exploitation, effectiveness and standardisation of BASMATI outcomes through tangible identified plans for a wide set of BASMATI technologies.