BASMATI in Action

Here you see the three use case applications based on BASMATI in action.

Tripbuilder Application

Tripbuilder is a new kind trip planner an application using cutting edge technology to optimize travellers' experience. It takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI)-based processing of pictures on a users personal e.g. instagram account to recommend destinations in a certain region of interest. Moreover it applies an optimization condidering opening hours and travel time to provide an optimized order of those destinations within the given time budget.







Mobile Virtual Desktop

The Mobile Virtual Desktop enables e.g. business travellers using data intense business applications whereever they are. BASMATI maximizes the stability and reduce latency in such cross-border szenarios as it moves the data closer to the user using local cloud resources. Thereby restrictions e.g. made up by Data Protection can be automatically considered by chosing only such cloud providers that comply with the user countries data protection regulation.  



DAS FEST Application

DAS FEST is a annual open air mass event taking place in Karlsruhe. It's program combines sport events, traditional fair-alike booths, smaller music events and a large open air festival presenting international headliners. At peak times it draws up to 180.000 visitors to the festival area - a public park in Karlsruhe. Growing numbers of visitors and keeping DAS FESTs ground principles that it shall be open and achievable to everyone create a specific challenge for management and security. The DAS FEST-application is a WIFI-based crowd monitoring application for the festival organizer.


More coming Soon!