In summary

  • – Joint goal: Assist the SME mobile app providers to meet the users‘ needs for ubiquitous application presence
  • – Goal: Facilitate multi-cloud and cloud/edge federations from a technical and business perspective
  • – Approach: Revolves around three pillars: user analysis, cloud brokering, resource and application management
  • – Results: A platform and 3 proof-of-concept implementations demonstrating the achievement of the goal

Lessons Learned

  • – Slow start since it took us time to establish a common language
  • – Such projects must be at least 3 years long. 2 years is a very short timespan
  • – A framework for shared responsibility would reflect better the case. Despite having different GAs, we shared responsibilities and this proved beneficial. We worked as one consortium, not two.
  • – Very positive and tight collaboration and continuous efforts to preserve it in the future
  • – Very positive cross-fertilization on methodological approaches from EU and KR
  • – To the future joint projects:
  • — Don’t let the fear of cultural differences hold you back. If nothing else, technology is the common ground!
  • — Best time to have joint audioconfs is 09:00-10:00 (Brussels winter time)/17:00-18:00 (Seoul time) (It gets better in summer!)