Basmati Enhanced Application Model Editor

One of the most important traits of the BASMATI toolkit is the realization of an application modelling that allows an effective answer toward the restructuring of the application backend to support user mobility. The design of the BASMATI’s application was designed to be (i) simple and compatible for the application provider, (ii) expandable, and (iii) decomposable. These considerations were the basis for the concept of BASMATI Enriched Application Model (BEAM). The BEAM specification is a derivative work that is based on the international standard known as Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA). 

TOSCA is an open-source XML-based language that describes the relationships and dependencies between services and applications running on cloud computing platforms, independent of the specific cloud platform considered. From a practical point of view, the BEAM is a collection of information, materialized as documents, that describes the application as a collection of services and defines hints on the resources its deployment. Additionally, the BEAM specification defines non-disruptive extensions to TOSCA format, for the management of the Service Life Cycle, in line with the semantics defined by the international standard, known as WS Agreement. 

To accommodate the needs of the BASMATI end user (application developer) but also the needs of any developer in need for a federated cloud environment, AMENESIK developed and promotes the BEAM Editor as part of their business processes.

The BEAM editor is available here.

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