Between the 20th and 23rd of July BASMATI evaluated applications on DAS FEST 2017. Therefore, YellowMap integrated GPS tracking into the official DAS FEST app on iOS and Android. So app users were initially requested to provide their anonymized tracks to BASMATI. The backend solution for the data collection was hosted on the BASMATI cloud infrastructure. As result we achieved a total number of 40.000 user tracks.

First introduction of future edge devices

Furthermore CNR placed SOCs equipped with smart antenna at specific locations on DAS FEST. Those covered the main entrance, the main stage, food corner, merchandize stand and the main road where most people move from the open to the closed area and counted visitors carrying mobile devices with activated wifi. On the one hand this setup proved to be a cheap, easy-to-install and maintain step towards a smarter infrastructure. Moreover in the future those SOCs are planned to be integrated as edge devices into the BASMATI-cloud and take part in the local service provisioning.

Thanks to everybody

The experiment was set up and maintained by BASMATI team members from Germany, France, Greece, Italy and Korea. We experienced an outstanding support of the DAS FEST organizer including accommodation, guidance, technical support in the setup and additional data. BASMATI says thank you to all supporters and looks forward to next year!

Some impressions from DAS FEST 2017

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