BASMATI invites you to the NET FUTURES 2017

The BASMATI sincerely invites you to the NET FUTURES 2017 in Bruxelles. Emerging technologies in the fields of cloud, IoT, mobile and pervasive computing are part of a technological revolution. They will fundamentally change the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In few years, we will interact with our homes, cars, infrastructure and our working places in a completely different way. Applications and appliances will sense our intention, our mood and desire and adapt to it. Software won’t be perceived as applications or sevices any more. It will merge with our surroundings – as natural as air.

The NET FUTURES 2017 gives a glimpse into the outcome of digital transformation in Europe and worldwide. It will elaborate how our society will look like in 2027. And it will also take a critical look on the risks involved – security and privacy. We must ask the question whether those technologies support openness, diversity and respond to the needs of the individuals or lead to a big brother society.

The conference edition in 2017 will serve as a wake-up call for policy makers and technologist alike, for civil society and the young whose future we will influence. It will be the place for deep-dive conversations and learnings right at a time when Europe is at the brink of entering the next industrial and societal revolution: The Net. We feel that not all European policy actors share this sense of urgency for action. However, it is imperative to address these challenges or Europe’s voice on the future of the Internet will disappear.

The BASMATI project members stand for technology serving and enhancing peoples needs and experience. We are looking forward to the Net Futures 2017 and sincerely invite you to take part. Tickets are available here.


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