BASMATI - Cloud Brokerage Across Borders for Mobile Users and Applications

The joint South-Korean and EU Horizon 2020 project BASMATI develops an integrated brokerage platform targeting federated clouds that supports the dynamic needs of mobile applications and users.


Mobile Cloud Applications

Cloud Brokerage & Cloud Federation

Research & Innovation

BASMATI enhances mobile applications via a seamless usage of cloud platforms and of mobile devices for overcoming mobile devices limitations and supporting the management of services and data.

BASMATI provides an integrated brokerage platform targeting federated clouds with heterogeneous resources and supporting the efficient, cost-effective execution of mobile cloud applications in a transparent and ubiquitous manner. This results in more elasticity and resource optimization than with a self-contained infrastructure.

BASMATI is a joint South-Korean and European Horizon 2020 project with eight partners from industry and academia. Proven in three real-world use cases: Large Events management (including audio-streaming in dynamic and crowded scenarios), TripBuilding in dynamic environments and Virtual Mobile Desktop for highly nomadic users; and tested under extreme conditions at DAS FEST - one of the biggest German festivals.


Mobile Cloud Services Enablement

Modelling and prediction of applications and users in terms of mobility patterns, behavior and interactions provide insight to the mobile user and application space and their demand for different and heterogeneous resources.

Adaptable Business-aware Federation

Tools and an integrated API support runtime application adaptations aiming to dynamically meet mobile services requirements for the development, deployment and configuration of federated cloud environments from multiple platforms and providers. Runtime-adaptable federation patterns also consider business aspects.

Dynamic Brokerage and Offloading

Dynamic offloading and placement decision techniques propose the optimum deployment patterns of the mobile cloud service. This enables fully automated resource exploitation: cloud to cloud, device to federation and device to device.

Ultra-Scalable Hybrid Infrastructure Management

Runtime reconfiguration and the management of mobile and federated cloud resources in a hybrid mode enable ultra-scalable resource provisioning. This facilitates the emerging requirements of mobile cloud services.


  • Three real-world use cases
  • BASMATI Brokerage Platform
    • Models and analysis tools for mobile users and cloud applications
    • Advanced models for application adaptation and reconfiguration
    • Multi-objective optimization techniques for enhanced brokerage and offloading
    • Dynamic application placement decision making
  • BASMATI Hybrid Infrastructure
    • Real-time big data management and analytics for data related to the cloud services
    • Quality of service and quality of protection management framework
    • Across-cloud, multi-layer cloud service monitoring

Thus, BASMATI enables the emergence of a new wave of mobile applications which fully exploit mobile application information sources and definitively overcomes devices limitations in mobile service provisioning.